Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Virtual Laser Keyboard problems

I posted on 5/5 about doing a review on the Virtual Laser Keyboard, distributed by Power Positioning.

First of all, I'd like to thank Power Positioning for sending me the unit. Everyone I have shown it to just oogles over it. When my wife first saw it, she said that it looked like something Sydney Bristow from Alias would use. I agree!

However, I'd like to actually get to do the review some time, but it doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon. You see, I got the keyboard on 5/5 and started having problems getting paired with my Tablet PC. In the week that I've had the keyboard, I've sent two emails and left two voice mails and have not gotten a response yet.

So, I went to their website and clicked on the Live Help option, and wouldn't you know it, someone was there! However, they indicated that it was only for sales questions, not technical support. I pasted the dialogue of our conversation below.

Part of doing a review is also taking into account their customer support. The product looks promising (if I can ever get to use it), but the support side looks very lacking. For a $200+ unit, I really expect better customer support.

Live Help chat transcript:
Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Eyal'
Eyal: hi
Rob Bushway: Hi....My name is Rob Bushway.
Eyal: How can i help you?
Rob Bushway: Your company sent me the bluetooth virutal keyboard to review. I've sent emails and left messages on your phone without an acknowledgement or reply.
Eyal: what is the problem?
Rob Bushway: Basically, I'm having difficulty getting it to pair up. After keying in a pairing id and then doing the same on the vkb, the computer displays an error in pairing..
Rob Bushway: I don't have it here with me to test with at the moment.
Rob Bushway: running windows xp tablet pc on a TC1100
Eyal: I'm sorry, but i'm not a technical support, so please fill the contact us form with the error you get, and i will make sure someone from the technical department will contact you.
Rob Bushway: I've already sent two emails to
Rob Bushway: and left two voice mails over a week ago
Rob Bushway: what good does the Live Help option do on your website if you can't provide technical support?
Eyal: it is for sales support only, questions about the product, not installtion problems
Eyal: and it take time to answer everybody, becuase we get houndred of forms every day
Rob Bushway: I'd like to suggest that you either change the verbage on your website to indicate that or have this be a tech support help. I've sent emails and left voice messages with no response - how else can people get technical support
Rob Bushway: in a reliable turn around time
Eyal: we try to answer as fast as we can...
Eyal: you just fell on Holidays here in Israel
Rob Bushway: I understand, but its' been a week.
Eyal: for example we are closed until Sunday for independent day
Eyal: try to fill it out again , and i will make sure it is taking care of
Rob Bushway: thank you.
Eyal: Thank you
Remember when you used to be able to pick up the phone and get a live red blooded American? Einstein Technologies will never send your call outside of these 50 states. :)
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