Wednesday, May 11, 2005


What has happened to PDF Annotator?

Back in January, Grahl Software released their PDF Annotator tool to the delight of many who were wanting a seamless approach to annotating PDF's via their Tablet PC.

Since the initial release, nobody has heard anything else out of them, and there are lots of bugs that need to be fixed. People, like myself, bought the initial product even with the bugs as way of standing behind the product.

I've sent an email and a contacted them through their website and have not received a response. I'm very disappointed in the lack of communication and follow-through with the customers. I'd like to keep recommending PDF Annotator, but I can't do it any longer unless Grahl starts communicating better and following through with their paying install base.
I got a follow up email after purchasing (about a month ago). I responded with a problem I had (large visio diagrams printed to pdf show the shapes as black boxes in pdf annotator, when they appear ok in the pdf) and have not received a response. It is a nice product. I hope they reappear.
They just released a new version, which appears to be much more stable. For one thing, ghostview is supported as external renderer for the pdf's, and this makes it handle many more pdf's correctly.
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