Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Will the LE1600 knock the TC1100 from its' throne?

I believe that Motion's LE1600 Tablet PC will give HP's TC1100 Tablet PC a serious run for its' money. Here is why:

1) They weigh the same, but the LE1600 has a 12" screen vs HP's 10" screen.
2) The LE1600 has a faster processor (1.5) and is sonoma based
3) They both have fans
4) Apparently, Motion's new keyboard is much improved over its' old one. No wires, locks in place.
5) Seamless integration for extended battery
6) The LE1600 has a better graphics subsystem, 128mb of shared vram
7) Built in fingerprint/ scrolling solution

People considering a hybrid solution will be giving the LE1600 a serious look. It now has a very distinct advantage over the TC1100. When I get a review unit in a few weeks, I'll post some more thoughts.

I've seen enough to really consider selling my tc1100 and getting this unit. I've also had the pleasure of looking over these specs since last Thursday, so these thoughts are not just based on a 1 hour review of the press release this morning.
I'm really interested in getting a tablet but they are still too expensive. If you are interested in selling your TC1100, please let me know - tablet@thazhmon.com


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