Saturday, June 04, 2005


ActiveWords InkPad 1.5 beta for the Tablet PC

Buzz Bruggerman has released the beta version of ActiveWords InkPad 1.5 for the Tablet PC. Download it and provide feedback.

ActiveWords InkPad works much like ActiveWords ActionPad, providing a context for entering and triggering ActiveWords. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition does not contain (published) tools necessary for ActiveWords to globally observe and act on text entered or selected with the stylus. As such, use of ActiveWords in the "pen" mode on a Tablet PC requires entry within ActiveWords InkPad. ActiveWords InkPad is not required when using a physical keyboard and pointing device connected or built into a Tablet PC.

ActiveWords InkPad Version 1.5 now triggers ActiveWords that generate text substitutions. A text substitution will be sent to the text entry location active (blinking cursor) immediately before the InkPad is displayed.

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