Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Any ColdFusion programmers reading this blog?

I've been programming websites in ColdFusion since 1998. I love the server platform. Its' fast and easy to learn. I also know ASP, but not to the extent that I know ColdFusion.

For a couple of reasons, I've been pondering PHP. 1) Its' free. 2) Some of my customers are thinking of moving their websites from ColdFusion based hosting providers to hosting providers that provide PHP hosting for free. If I want to keep my job, I need to pickup that language.

Have any of you ColdFusion programmers made the switch?

I've been doing PHP work for like 3-4 years now, I haven't switched from any other language, I started with it and I have to say it's an awesome language.

Easy to pick up and so very powerful. PHP doesn't need a webserver by default, you can use it to create shell scritps and a lot of other things + getting PHP installed on a server is much easier / cheaper than getting CF installed.

Can you recommend 1 or 2 top book resources for experienced programmers?
The most important resource:


then there are the O'Reilly books - everything PHP related is a good resource and www.phparch.com is also great.

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