Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Ballmer on MSN, Google

 From SeattlePI.Com :

ZDNet reports on a trip by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to Australia, including a session with Microsoft partners in which he touched on subjects including .Net and MSN's competition with Google in search business:

"What you're saying is, 'you're so far behind, why bother'?," he said when pressed to reaffirm Microsoft's commitment to search technology as it struggles to catch-up with Google. "Well, if anyone thinks innovation is done in search, you're wrong.

"Does anyone here really believe search is going to look like it does now in 10 years?," he asked attendees. He claimed Microsoft's long-term view was already making ground on Google. "In the next six months, we'll catch Google in terms of relevancy," he said.

(See also Inside Microsoft, Search Engine Lowdown, and Search Engine Watch. )

[seattlepi.com Microsoft Blog]

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