Tuesday, June 07, 2005


First day at TechEd:
Looks like Loren is working on something that a lot developers will find really useful.


I'm at TechEd this week. Arrived here in humid Orlando late afternoon and scuttled over to the convention center and dropped by the Tablet booth where I met Julia Lerman (Tablet speaker and blogger) and Arin Goldberg (from the Microsoft Tablet PC team). After a bit of catching up on things, I described the ink integration I've been working on with Visual Studio and Arin said I had to go talk with Douglas Hodges, architect of the Visual Studio integration services. I was game so we went over to the Visual Studio booth where Douglas was working and for the next two hours he gave me a hands on tour Visual Studio 2005 integration. It made the whole trip worthwhile.

(Via Incremental Blogger.)

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