Sunday, June 26, 2005


Get yer Skype on, TEO 3.0

From Josh Einstein:

"It's no secret, I despise Skype. I think their business model is stupid, I think making phone calls from a PC is stupid, I think deviating from a well established standard for VoIP is stupid. Yes I hate Skype.

But lots of people are using it and I am now formally announcing that among more than 20 new features of TEO 3.0, Skype will be supported in the next version! You'll be able to store your pal's Skype info in Outlook and initiate a call to them from within Outlook using your pen. I am not ready to officially commit to doing voice dialing yet but more likely than not, you will see a voice dialer too.

But guess what, I'm also going to support Vonage and Sylantro as well. In fact, Sylantro users will have a MUCH nicer experience than the rest of you. I will discuss that more later.

By the way, TEO development is happening at hyper speed right now thanks to a steady dose of Stacker 2 (with Ephedra) and several cases of C2. Don't ask when it's going to be done cause I don't know. I can't release it until .NET 2.0 is released anyway in November but the beta will open alot sooner.


(Via Josh Einstein's Journal.)

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