Monday, June 06, 2005


Hands on with the Thinkpad Tablet PC

Hilton Locke, a member of the Tablet PC team, shares his experience of working with the Thinkpad Tablet PC at Tech Ed.

TechEd05 day 1: Learn-Solve-Grow: "

What a day!

First, we get to see the new IBM Thinkpad Tablet PC (woohoo!) at the keynote. Then, I amble on down to the pavilion booth, only to hear 'We have Thinkpads for the labs!' Using the Thinkpads is pretty cool. They're light, and the keyboard is fantastic (I'm writing this entry on one right now). The screen is bright, but seems to be a little small. It is a 12' screen though, so I am not sure why I'm suffering this optical 'illusion'.

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