Friday, June 17, 2005


le1600 wireless issues

One problem that I've had today with the the le1600 is very poor wireless reception.

I'm 5 feet from my WAP and my wireless signal will flucuate from 54 mbps to 1 mbps. It'll also just lose the signal completely while sitting in the same spot. I've got three other wireless computers in the house that have no wireless connectivity issues.

I've used both the Microsoft client and the intel proset client. I've called tech support and we're going to work on it some more on Monday. I'm sensing that its' something hardware related.

More next week.
This probably has nothing to do with reception. Lots of wireless devices are simply incompatible with each other. I've had to replace my access point twice because either my Tablet, PowerBook (which I sold after a few days -- apple sucks), my XBOX, or my Toshiba Satellite laptop couldn't connect to one. I finally found one that works great with all of the above -- Linksys WRT54G. Also happens to be running Linux and is the most flexible AP to date thanks to hackers.
I have two wireless AP in my house and the Netgearhas the same problems you describe. The Linksys works great with all devices in the house.
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