Sunday, June 12, 2005


New bands get discovered via word-of-blog:

The power of blogging:


Chalk another one up to the power of blogs: It's how some bands are being discovered.

A new band called The Hysterics had a song posted on the Music for Robots blog, which led to their discovery by an MTV producer. The music network played the group's video recently even though the band has never played a gig outside of their parents' bedroom. The thing is, The Hysterics is a band of 10th graders.

Hua Hsu, who writes about music for the online magazine Slate, sums it up nicely how blogs create word of mouth:

'If everyone else is putting out horrible CD's,' he said, 'why not buy something from people with taste you more or less trust?'

NYT link: Little-Known Bands Get Lift Through Word-of-Blog


(Via Church of the Customer.)

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