Friday, June 17, 2005


Out of the box first impressions of the LE1600

Much lighter than I thought. I've owned the M1300 and M1400VA - noticably lighter and good balance.
The taper wasn't as big as I originally thought
Before even turning it on, I added a 1gb memory chip.
The pen has a nice balance (like the tc1100) so that it doesn't roll across the table
The pen is much lighter than the TC1100 pen - feels great.
The pc card slot holder is very loose and rattles when you pick up the tablet. Not a tight fit at all.
Very nice metallic color scheme. Much more impressive in person than via photos.
The pen was calibrated very well.
As usual with view anywhere displays, fingerprints show up bad when the screen is black

More photos to come later after I have a chance to use it and post them.

Here are a couple

First bootup

wide angle


You might want to contact Motion about that PC card slot. There is absolutely no slop or rattle with the slot in my LE1600 and I haven't seen any comments in this regard from other LE1600 owners.
I should probably clarify. Its' not the slot that is loose, its' the blank pc card holder that they use to fill the space that is loose.

When I put a real card in there, its' pretty snug though.
one of the motion guys is coming by on monday to demo the le1600 to me and a few others at work.. can't wait to give it a run!

A 1/4 pound is "noticeably lighter" -- are you sure?
absolutely. One of the first things I thought of when I picked it was how well balanced and lighter it felt. It honestly feels like more than 1/4 lb. I imagine that alot of it hast to do with balance.
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