Friday, June 24, 2005


Some new thoughts on OneNote

I've been reevaluating One Note this past week, and I have to tell you that my impressions have changed - for the better. What do I like the most? Note Summary and creating custom note flags. Its' a great set of features for the way I take and review notes.

I can take my notes, flag action items and then click on the summary for a high level overview. An even greater feature is getting a summary of Note Flags over a period time, in a folder, or in a section.

The ability to create custom note flags is a huge plus for personalizing your notes. One area of improvement would be to convert an ink drawing and making a note icon out of it. Some of the icons are cool, but I want to be able to use my own mark up symbols.

I've been using the nice Side Note feature to take quick notes while my daughter has been in the hospital. Its' very quick and unobtrusive in the system tray.

I'm looking forward to the new version, with improvements to ink handling.

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