Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Sprint's got the first "official" info on their EV-DO network

For mobile pc professionals, this will be a great thing. Several of my customers use their smart phones to dialup using the current cdma technology and the connectivity is ok. The EV-DO option will come in very handy - get skype calls over your mobile pc while driving down the road at broadband speeds - can't beat it. Once it gets to Colorado Springs, I'll be getting a card for sure.

Via Engadget:

Just when we thought we weren’t going to get any more post-Spring pre-Fall-CTIA cellular action, Sprint’s let fly
the first real info on their forthcoming
EV-DO data network, which
should be available in as many as 39 markets this month, and 60 by early 2006 (including the venerable Kansas City,
Mo., Las Vegas, Nev., and Des Moines, Iowa). Their ultimate goal is 200 total markets serving data at between 300 to
500kbps (with burst speeds of 2.4mbps), which, though lofty for any company, is totally within their reach. To make our
wait worthwhile they’re supposedly getting ‘four Asian-sourced EV-DO handsets’ to do the job (as you may recall, they
only have Sierra AirCard 580 EV-DO PC card out right
now), one of which could be announced this week. Oh, and finally, they also announced plans for an EV-DO Rev. A upgrade
in late 2006 or early 2007 which could enable their VoIP ReadyLink Push-To-Talk initiative—a little far off for now, so
just keep your eyes on the prize, Sprint. You’re almost there.

Via Engadget.)

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