Thursday, June 16, 2005


Strange shipping info

I'm not the brightest when it comes to geography, but can someone explain to me why my LE1600 Tablet PC gets shipped from Kunshan China, goes to Anchorage, Alaska, back to Shanghai, China, then to Indianapolis, Indiana? Maybe before it gets to Colorado Springs tomorrow, Fed Ex will decide to ship it back to China one more time.

Jun 16, 2005
3:15 am Held at Sort Facility INDIANAPOLIS IN
Jun 15, 2005
8:31 pm Left FedEx Ramp SHANGHAI CN
8:08 pm Arrived at FedEx Ramp SHANGHAI CN
3:03 pm Left FedEx Sort Facility ANCHORAGE AK
1:40 pm Arrived at Sort Facility ANCHORAGE AK
Jun 14, 2005
8:34 pm Left FedEx Origin Location KUNSHAN CN
8:33 pm Pickup status KUNSHAN CN
Michael explains the discrepancy:

8 PM in Shanghai is 4 AM the same day in Anchorage. Your computer will not get bumped any more than necessary.

My guess is that Fed Ex's sorting algorithm for the webpage sorts by the local time that something was done rather than a central time when the record was stored in the database. Looks like a sorting problem that they need to get fixed.
you scare me when you say that because HP whould not accept my order for the longest time and now Fed Ex is holding my dv6000 notebook, that was a Christmas gift in Kunshan China. I hope that the same misfortune doesn't happen to me ,and god forbid it should come in before they say its supposed to.

Thanks(i think)
A concerned NH hick
to anonymous,

As Rob pointed out - it's just a FedEx webpage display problem. Whoever wrote the webapp wasn't as bright as those people who designed Fedex's routing system. The package was routed from China to Alaska to Indianapolis. Whoever wrote the webpage forgot to sort the date× under a unified timezone, instead, they just ignored the timezone and sorted by whatever local date&time. Thus, 6/15 1:40PM Alaska is treated as being between 6/14 8:34PM China and 6/15 8:31PM China.

On a different note, I also ordered from HP, a dv8000t in fact, but now in 2006 it seems as though Shanghai isn't in the route. It was shuttled directly from Kunshan, China to Alaska. Interesting.
I just ordered a HP Pavilion dv8000z and hate the fact that it is coming from China and not USA. If I knew this I would've probably chose a different manufacturer.

It took me a while just to figure out that CN was the abbreviation for China.

Yeah, I pasted KUNSHAN CN into Yahoo maps thinking Kunshan was a Native American name and the city was in Connecticut-obviously with no luck. Not so surprised to see it's in China. I’m waiting for my customized dv2000z. By the way I was going down the list of shipped items and can’t make out what HP Home & Home Office Store in-box envelope is? Does anyone know?
LOL, I thought Kunshan, Connecticut, the name of the city did seem weird to me. Anyways I saw that my order from HP went to Alaska and thought wait a minute? It's from China... LOL my dad is going to laugh his a#s off when he hears this...
All laptops are made in China
irrespective of manufacturer.
If one was made in the would cost thrice as much and do half as much.

Thus, Brandon, you'd have to go without one I s'pose
Yea it's tru that if laptops were made in USA it would have cost much more. But why does HP not say that it is being manufactured/assembled in china? Being a customer isnt it our right to know where does our order comes from??
People Ipods are made in china. A lot of products are made in china for one reason. CHEAP LABOR!
I ordered and Ipod touch...supposed to be here in a week...I ordered in on thursday and as of saturday it is syill in KUNSHAN CN

That sux
Shipping is most likely delayed due to the 7.2 earthquake earlier this week. My i touch is there, but I think I can wait!
I just ordered an iPod Touch as well, was very confused when I saw KUNSHAN CN as the originating location.
It makes sense I guess...I'm just eager to have it in my hands!
The sequencing of the dates is because of the International Date line. It looks confusing, but the packages don't go back to China :-)
I ordered my HP pavilion right week ago...still waiting for delivering. It is in Kunshan China and I am getting nervous...
i ordered an ipod touch and it also started in KUNSHAN CN (which i have no idea where that is) but now its in SHANGHAI China. how do u explain that??????????
when i saw CN this morning after i got my tracking number, i asked my sister if that was connecticut & she simply laughed & said china. I can't believe my computer is being made in china, when people r losing their jobs in America.. i hope i dnt get a bad experience with HP.
I ordered a custom laptop like most from hp and this morning saw it left from Kunshan, CN..??? Instantly
thought China but then thought naaay can't be coming from the other side of the world. But it does make sense! Everything else is made in China, why not a properly working laptop!
man, i should've just went to the apple store 15 min away and picked one up instead of ordering it online! its gunna take forever to get to NY.. greatttt
to the person who wrote, "People Ipods are made in china. A lot of products are made in china for one reason. CHEAP LABOR!"

thank you. the american population didn't already know that cheap labor is the cause of millions of lost jobs in america to outsourcing. so we appreciate you enlightening us.

personally, i'd rather pay more in support of our country, which would stimulate our economy, create more jobs, and would be a step toward being an INDEPENDENT country than paying for cheap labor, and what therefore seems to be cheap products.

how much quality can you expect for the amount those workers are being paid? really now.
I just received an email from hp that my customized dv7t is in kunshan cn. i thought it was in connecticut :) LMAO
... all these comments are really sad. "CN" is obviously not "CT"...
Welcome to the global economy folks. Have you people been under a rock the past 20 years.
I ordered a itouch from apple and it is being shipped from KUNSHAN CN. Googled it and landed on this blog. I thought it was some place in canada, maybe. I know Connecticut is CT and it's too costly(martha stewart lives there) and it is no central location to have a warehouse in connecticut.
Ehh....Thanks for having me.

My itinerary is a s folloews:

Oct 2, 2008 1:32 PM
Left FedEx origin facility
11:13 AM

Picked up
3:01 AM
Package data transmitted to FedEx

Im glad they are serving drinks on this flight.

oh hey,., is that sidney crosby over thery.
haha! I guess Connecticut is CT! But hey apparently I'm not the only one who still holds hope that American company's don't outsource EVERYTHING! Although I can't complain I got a great deal on my HP laptop.

Now i kno why i got $400 off of $1700.
hp ships world wide, so they needed a cheap place to manufacture. but its kinda awkward not knowing when ordering that ur stuff will ship from china. I hope i dont face any issues as its customized.
Hmmmm..... feeling very stupid here and also hoping my ipod does eventually get here.... i probably should have realized connecticut is CT...
I guess I'm not alone. I saw my hp dv4t was shipped out. I was curious where Kunsan was in Canada. I'm a ocean off. I guess 2 day delivery doesn't mean next day.
hahah. hilarious. you folks are great. hey what about that guy that said id rather pay more to see stuff made in the USA. LMAO! most of the stuff made in the usa is garbage! Its not cheap labor in china. those people need jobs too. USA workers will just have to get smarter! and stop complaining. if your only skill is computer assembly line work than you should live in a shelter. BUM!. horray for obama! spread the wealth AMERICA!
We all got here by the same route...checking the tracking information from courier and then Googling the present location: same in Canada re:manufacturing costs out of line with what consumers are willing to pay. Hey if your morals are in line with your pocketbook, knock yourself out, otherwise the consumer's money speaks for them and manufacturers can take their marching orders from their sales figures.
dont worrry!!! i rather get my stuff made in china then the USA!!!...if i bought a laptop hp in the US it would break in like 2 more secured with out-of-the-country manufactures!! my friend says the same thing
there are sooooo many idiots in the world..and yeah before anyone says it "i'm rubber you're glue whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you"
LOL, at least I don't feel like the only idiot that assumed CN was the abbreviation for Canada. I couldn't figure out how my HP had shipped out at 4pm today, when its not even 10am in North America!!! I'm curious to see how long this will take...
rather than everyone disputing over nothing, does anyone have any experience with this and how long it took for the electronic to get to your house
thought Canada too!!
guess it won't be here for Christmas
Should have went to the Apple store at the mall(10 min away)
What the hell was i thinkn??
I was surprised when I saw
KUNSHAN CN in tracking my dv7t. I knew that it couldn't be Connecticut but what else could it be. The CN looks like an abbreviation for some state in the US. Please tell Fedex to post
KUNSHAN China and not
KUNSHAN CN. It prevents unnecessary deceit.

I ordered a HP laptop, hdx 18t, and I ordered 2 day shipping. does anyone know how long it gets held up in customs? I was told by HP a minimum of i day, anyone know?
Wow. you are all kinda stupid. Pay attention in school and go to college. Geography isn't just for nerds or cartographers . We live in a global society...learn a little more about the world. This is the biggest problem with this country! Most of us don't honestly give a damn about any thing unless it is happening to them in their own area so we don't bother to learn about other areas or countries. IGNORANCE IS THE DEATH OF OUR COUNTRY! LEARN SOMETHING! You thought it was Canada or Connecticut! geez...
LOL, this is some entertaining reading! I have to admit though that my initial thought was also Connecticut. I should have known it makes good business sense to have the Chinese build my dv7t. I ordered mine on the 10th of Feb. and it was built and shipped three days ahead of schedule(estimated ship date was the 17th actually shipped on the 14th). Try to get that done here in the states (three days ahead of schedule?...yeah right!). Like others have said on this page where else would it have been made?! I just hope that when the FedEx plane that delivers it to the states goes back with a big load of...well i don't know what it would go back to China with. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if it goes back empty. What a shame.
LOL I have just ordered a notebook from HP and finally got my shipping info and funny enough I did the exact same thing that a lot of you guys did. I saw Kunshan and was like were is that at. Needless to say I was surprised when it was located in China and not Connecticut. No I'm not slow or anything because Connecticut is CT but at first glance seeing CN that was the first logical place I could think of seeing as though China was the last place on my mind, however, I do understand why it is manufactured there.
I just want to know how long I can expect to wait for my ipod... I understood that it was China right away, but I'm bummed that I paid for 2 day shipping and it will probably take longer. I guess that'll teach me to waste my money on the 2 day shipping when it will be longer no matter what. How long did it take you guys to recieve your ipods from Kunshan??
The confusion comes from the fact that country codes are generally expressed in three letters, not two. In a three letter code China would be "CHN" while Canada would be "CAN." A three letter code would leave no confusion as to where your computer is coming from.

Being from New England, I knew CT is the code for Connecticut, but I still considered the possibility that it was Canada, before I remembered where Kunshan is. HP would do well to display shipping info using the three-letter international code system instead of the two-letter code.
Thanks God I am not the only one, I ordered a dv4t HP notebook and when I saw kushan CN I also though Conectituc but whatever I guess I'll have to wait what a week to get my laptop with me, it is really so confusing :S
"I just received an email from hp that my customized dv7t is in kunshan cn. i thought it was in connecticut :) LMAO"

yeah. same here. haha! i got confused. i live in california . . . shouldn't it come from straight from connecticut to california? ahahaha! wow.
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