Sunday, June 05, 2005


Tablet PC Show #11

From the Podcast Network:

The Tablet PC Show #11: "

The Tablet PC Show #11 (MP3 - 19.5MB - 56min 42sec)


Marc Orchant is traveling this week and couldn’t do the show with me but have no fear he will be back soon. Today’s show is a special one as I welcome two attorneys who are successful using Tablet PCs in their law practices. Joining me on the show are Matthew Buchanan and Douglas Sorocco who practice Intellectual Property and Patent law in Toledo, Ohio and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, respectively. Matt and Doug have incorporated the Tablet PC into successful use in their daily routines and we spend a lot of time discussing their usage of the Tablet. We have a great conversation that covers the software tools they use and how they leverage the Tablet to maximize productivity in their work. We had such a good conversation that I am happy to invite you to listen in and I am sure you will find good stuff to take away with you. If you listen carefully you will hear the first known instance of me losing my voice during a podcast, but Doug and Matt covered for me very nicely. :)

Matt tells us how they use Dragon NaturallySpeaking in their office in addition to making audio recordings with OneNote which I found very interesting, and the discussion of using MindManager for brainstorming sessions is very good. Doug discusses the new ActiveWords InkPad beta for the Tablet PC which has just been released and can’t say enough good things about the combo on the Tablet. Enjoy the show and don’t miss what I think is a great message to Tablet OEMs- Doug points out he decided a Tablet PC would be beneficial when he attended a tech show for lawyers earlier this year and HP had provided tc1100 Tablet PCs for the attendees to use. Great marketing tool that apparently works so lets see more of it. Thanks Matt and Doug for spending time with me for the show. Visit their blogs, Promote the Progress and phosita, where you’ll find interesting information about IP law and also Tablet PC information.


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