Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Using my Powerbook full time for the past two weeks

I sold my TC1100 several weeks ago to pay for my new Motion LE1600 Tablet PC ( which I still have not received yet). I've been using my Powerbook full time for the past two weeks and it has been great - not perfect mind you, but I've really enjoyed it. Its' been very stable.

I moved my 21" monitor off my desk and just use the 15" lcd on the Powerbook. The keyboard is awesome - a joy to type on. In many ways, it feels like a step-up as far as the operating system is concerned. I miss the inking and the portability of the tablet, but the powerbook really isn't that heavy of a unit.

I'm definitely not as productive with the keyboard as I am on Windows. I don't like how the standard keyboard shortcuts are different across applications (ctrl-end, ctrl-home, for example). In one app, ctrl-home takes me to the beginning of the line, while in another app its fn-home.

Still, I'm looking forward to getting my new tablet pc.
you might try something like uControl (doesn't work on Tiger) or another keyboard re-mapper if it bugs you enough. There are many options. I use both windows and os x and don't have any problems with either after a month or so. Both have their 'charms'...
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