Sunday, June 19, 2005


Wireless update and other items

I modified some of the power settings on my wireless card and things appear to be stable. I set the Power Management option on the card close to the highest setting and things improved a lot. The default was set to adjust based on power settings.

As suggested by Josh and others, I'm also going to experiment with some different WAP's. I am currently using a LinkSys WAP, though.

On the whole, though, I'm really enjoying the tablet. I'll report more later in the week after I continue to use it on a daily basis.

I've got some nit picky items to gripe about, but they are pretty minor compared to the pluses regarding this new design. I'll be getting the convertible keyboard on Monday and will run it through its' paces. The old hardtop keyboard was the primary reason I sold my original motion tablets, so I'm anxious to really try it out.
Hi Rob,

I'm thinking of getting an LE1600, so all of your observations are proving invaluable. I'm waiting on Motion Computing to get back to me on their student discount, as I plan to use my tabletpc in the classroom. It's expensive, but worth it. I've learned the same thing with the wireless settings on laptops. I own a Toshiba Qosmio and the quality of the wireless connection I learned is largely dependent on the power saving settings. I have mine set for maximum performance, regardless of power state. It'd be nice if the manufacturer informed us of this somewhat hidden setting more clearly, wouldn't it? Hope all is well!
Hi Rob - I too am getting ready to purchase an LE 1600, and I'm wondering what's in the box, and what accessories are absolutely necessary. I also want to order the 1GB stick from Crucial or some such - was the install easy, any warranty complications, etc?

Thanks! Ken
I ordered by 1gb stick from Crucial - a very simple install - remove the middle cover from the back and it plugs right in.

In the box: the tablet, a pen, pen tips, pen tip remover, power adapter, cleaning cloth, tether for pen.

needed accessories: a cd rom ( i ordered the motion cd/dvd), the accessory cable, a usb keyboard ( I ordered their standard keyboard. I ordered Motion's cd / dvd because various OEM's have issues with booting from 3rd party cd / dvd drives.

I've got the extended battery and convertible keyboard on order, but I don't view them as absolutely necessary. Depending on your job and how you will use the tablet, you might view the docking station as necessary. I didn't in my case.

I would highly recommend purchasing the Motion pak software. In fact, I would put it up their with Absolutely Necessary. For the money ($34.00), you can't beat the software that you get:

(from their site):
Motion Pak features all the software in our Base Pak Software bundle PLUS: Alias® Sketchbook Pro, Colligo Networks Personal Edition 3.3, Microsoft Reader 2.5 for Tablet PC, Microsoft® Streets & Trips 2005, FarStone Technologies VirtualDrive 9.0, Shorthand and Microsoft Office OneNote(R) 2003. This software comes preinstalled when you order your Tablet PC ONLY. It is not available as retail, boxed software.

Thanks Rob - I pulled the trigger today. Got the VA screen, 60GB HD, Motion pak SW and bump case to start. I'll probably get the extended battery and convertible keyboard as soon as they are released...

Hopefully I can become YABTHU (as Eric would have us...).

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