Friday, July 01, 2005


AP Wire | 07/02/2005 | News in brief from western Pennsylvania

AP Wire | 07/02/2005 | News in brief from western Pennsylvania

While other Roman Catholic schools are losing students, an all-boys high school in northwestern Pennsylvania has seen its enrollment steadily climb.
Freshmen enrollment at Cathedral Preparatory School is set to jump by about 44 percent next year over the enrollment two years ago. In the 2003-04 school year, there were 127 boys in the freshmen class, and 183 freshmen are expected to start school in August.
Leaders of the Catholic school in Erie credit its tablet PC program for the enrollment boost.
Since 2004, the school has given all incoming freshmen wireless computers that are about half the size of laptop computers. Students use them to take notes, write papers and download research, school spokesman Chris Hagerty said.
The school's two-year-old, $3 million capital campaign has paid for the computer program, as well as building renovations, financial aid packages and other improvements, Hagerty said.

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