Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Beta testing with Plan Plus for Windows XP

I just got an invitation to beta test PlanPlus for Windows XP. I havn’t accepted yet, but here are some high level features coming out. I’d assume these will come out in GoBinder 2006 as well since they are basically the same product.

These look like great enhancements, especially category support and flag support.

At the risk of sounding unkind, I have never had a piece of software for which I had higher hopes and greater disappointment than Plan Plus (for Outlook). I've purchased two separate versions of it 2 years apart. I "broke" easily, screwed up Outlook regularly, and their customers service was nearly "Dell-level" in terms of apathy and responsiveness. I cannot believe that these are the same folks that produce GoBinder, which everyone has so much respect for.

It would take some serious convincing to ever buy a PlanPlus product again.
PlanPlus for Outlook and PlanPlus for Windows XP are two different products.

I learned during the Windows Anywhere conference (from talking with the Agilix developers) that the PlanPlus for Outlook code was inherited when they got the FranklinCovey contract.

I can also attest that I've never been able to get PlanPlus for Outlook going. It has always been buggy and unreliable - for me and my customers.

PlanPlus for Windows XP is a completely different story, though.
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