Tuesday, July 26, 2005


convertible keyboard is here!

Well, my convertible keyboard just arrived. This keyboard does not have the earlier issues that I reported in my le1600 review.

I have found that the side latches are easier to grasp and pull when the keyboard is on top of the tablet, so you can grasp the latches from the bottom.

It still types really well. Very quiet. The tilt angles are still the same as in my first review. The hinge as a lot more play in it than I would like, but its’ not that big of an issue. If you were on a plane, I could see the screen bouncing back and forth a little – more so than what a regular laptop would.

I’m going to run it through its’ paces for the next week or so with the typing and report back. Overall, though, I’m much happier with this keyboard than with the old hardtop keyboard. 

Great for you, Rob. Can you post a photo of just the keyboard alone? I'm curious how big it is.
take a look at the report I posted with pictures of the keyboard
Great stuff Rob - look forward to hearing more thoughts from you after you have had some solid use. How would you compare the play to that of the TC1100? I guess you will always get this to some degree in a slate with a convertable keyboard due to the weight behind the screen.
there is definitely more play with this keyboard than with the tc1100 keyboard.

What I really like about this keyboard is the wide range of angle placement - like a true laptop screen. once you get the angle set, though, there is a little bit of bounce / play to it.
How does the keyboard "talk" to the tablet? Is it wireless, USB or some other type of connection?
It connects via the accessory port on the bottom of the tablet. The accessory port looks to be a type of USB connection (the smaller connection type) that supplies power as well. I'm not totally up on USB types, so I'm not sure of the name for it.

The keyboard also has a power connection and a connection port for usb and the accessory port.
My new Convertible keyboard has NO adjustable angle at all!

It's either straight up and down or all the way back.

Is mine broke?
It sounds like it is broke. Call tech support....they'll send a new one out
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