Sunday, July 10, 2005


Fortress of Solitude: End of my first week ...

Rob Stevens'  blog looks like it will be an interesting one to follow as he pursues a Tablet PC :

I'm going to be having some fun stuff sent to me in the coming months to review, and while full reviews will end up at Gear Live (and a few other places), I'll be posting some unfiltered stuff here, just for the heck of it. I'm going to be trying a project for my first quarter at the UW, using a Tablet PC to go as paperless as I can. I'll be scanning all of my textbooks, assignments, etc., and using the Tablet to keep track of everything, as well as taking notes with digital ink.

I sent a note over to Robert Scoble to find out if the Longhorn beta (due at the end of the month) will have some of the Tablet PC enhancements that I saw some concept stuff of a while back. I haven't gotten an invite yet, but considering how long I've been beta testing for Microsoft (I was one of the original 200,000 testers Microsoft selected), I can't imagine that I won't get one.

What say you, Scoble? Can you got him in contact with the right folks?

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