Thursday, July 28, 2005


IE7 nukes Google, Yahoo! search? Not!

IE7 nukes Google, Yahoo! search The Register

Give me a break. Its’ beta 1 for goodness sakes. Doesn’t the Register have anything better to report on rather than rumor spreading and mere speculation.

Update: Scoble has a good post with Microsoft's reply. As usual, had Andrew done his footwork on this and actually called the development team, he would have learned otherwise.

Update: The

Rob, check out Microsoft's reply to the Register.
Great job on your part, Robert.
Not so fast chaps. As far as I can see, nothing in Robert's posting actually contradicts the Register story. The story doesn't say that IE7 deliberately disables the toolbars. Nor does it say it happens for every user. Robert's response is little more than "I know some people who's toolbars don't work".

It's certainly not speculation or rumour: I know IE7 uses for whom Google and Yahoo have disappeared (as well as one's for whom it doesnt). Andrew made one mistake in the story, on the search engines, and that's now corrected.
the main point is that any journalist worth their weight would have done a little bit more investigative work and interviewed the IE team to understand the what was really the issue, instead of writing a piece with half-truths.

We're talking about a beta 1, not a release candidate or even a beta 3.
>Andrew made one mistake in the story, on the search engines, and that's now corrected.

That's absolutely false. The article contains many many more falsities. Here's a list:

And now Andrew is falsifying my email.
Robert, I don't think for one second that Andrew has falsified your email (although I'm not saying for sure that you wrote it, either - I've posted something over on about this issue). However, some of your "reasons" that the report are wrong are, to say the least, flimsy and read more like you're grasping at straws (and straw men!) than really responding to it.

Really, though, I'm standing on the sidelines on this - I think that both you and Andrew have made mistakes, and NO ONE is benefitting from this thrash.
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