Friday, July 29, 2005


Layout Manager with TEO 3.0

I was talking to Josh and he pointed me to his blog where he talks about his new Layout Manager in TEO 3.0. I love seeing a developer address usability issues for different resolution types. More websites, especially those that deal with tablet pc’s, should do the same. Great to see him designing for the 1400 x 1050 all the way down to the 800 x 600. From Josh:

Made a ton of progress last night (thanks, Stacker 2) but I'm still having some trouble with DynamicRenderer.Refresh(). It's just an annoying visual glitch right now. But anyway, the new window management is completed and working and TEO forms are loading much faster in 3.0. I had to scrap the standard XP-themed tab control (again) because it does not paint quickly when using transparent controls. Since there's alot of tab switching going on, there's alot of paint operations. So I'm back with SandDock again.
All of you who have asked for larger input areas will get your wish! But those of you with ultra portables, don't worry there is a special layout manager for smaller screens that will optimize the UI for your display.

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