Wednesday, July 20, 2005


le1600 standard battery

I'm really liking the extended battery. Adds a little weight, but nothing to worry about. I like that it includes a meter on the outside for a quick look at the status.

That is what bugs me about the Standard battery. It has a meter as well, but guess what? you have to take the battery off of the tablet to see the meter. What good is that? With everything Motion did right on their tablet, they sure messed that up.

their accessory page leaves the impression that they are really proud of that meter.

Never be caught without power when you need it most. An additional Standard Battery for your LE-Series Tablet PC is the perfect companion if you use your tablet for extended periods of time away from power outlets. While OFF or in SUSPEND mode, this powerful lithium ion battery can be quickly and easily exchanged on your LE-Series Tablet PC. Take the guess work out of available battery life by using the handy power meter included on the battery.

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