Friday, July 01, 2005


Loving my LE1600

Its' been two weeks since I received my Motion LE1600 Tablet PC. Still loving it. My favorite yet. I wish my convertible keyboard would hurry up and ship.

Couple of issues:

1) Motion needs to work with Intel on fixing the wireless issues. Lots of reports or regarding connectivity issues.

2) Fingerprint verification is a major pain. After talking with Trevor, he had the same issues on his M1400 until they released as update.

3) realistic battery life after 2 weeks is about 2.5 hours.


Hello Rob,

I'm on the verge of purchasing the LE1600 (my first Tablet)... but I'm concerned about the connectivity issues. I know you purchased a card... but the wireless network should just work. Do you know if others have it working correctly (out-of-the-box)? Does Motion know about this problem? Have you tried the fix you linked to on the yet?

Also, did you purchase the extended battery?

Keep up the great LE1600 reporting. :-) Perhaps another positive post or two and I'll be swayed to purchase the LE1600.


2.5 hour battery life?
is it with wireless on?

My M 200 has almost 4 hour of battery life when I turn off the wireless
I have a demo unit en route from Motion. If I like it, I'll be replacing my TC1100 and my desktop computer.

I have not tried those fixes, but intend to over the weekend. when I Called Motion, I was the first to call for Tech Support.

Wendy: that is with wireless on. wireless off, I get over 3 hours.

I did purchase the ext. battery. Ships in July.
Thanks Rob!

Good luck with your wireless fix this weekend. I look forward to your blog post on it as well as the extended battery when you receive it later this month.

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