Friday, July 29, 2005


My thoughts on the LE1600 Convertible keyboard

Overall, I’ll say that I’m pleased with the LE1600 Convertible Keyboard. I’ll summarize my thoughts as a series of bullet points, rather than a very long post.



Overall Impression:

I’m pleased enough with the keyboard that the Likes outweigh the Dislikes. It has made my purchase of the LE1600 worth it. The most glaring disappointment for me is the fact that I can’t attach the keyboard to the back of the tablet when using the extended battery – for the most mobile users who need the keyboard and the extended battery, the usage scenario would dictate that it should be able to attach to the back of the tablet.

Not having the option to attach is a bit of a bummer, but if you add up all the weight from the keyboard, tablet and battery, you wouldn't want to carry it around that much.
My hardtop keyboard for the M1400 is collapsing - not supporting the slate, reliably. I'm using big binder clips to clamp the locking plate closed.
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