Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Omar's next computer: a laptop instead of his tablet

Looks like Omar’s next computer will be a regular laptop instead of a tablet pc. Omar is a Microsoft Lead Program Manager on Virtual PC for the Mac, working in the Macintosh Business Unit.

I actually don't care much for the extra overhead of all the processes that come with my toshiba m200 tablet. I figure you pay at least a 256 MB memory stick in overhead. But my biggest problem is that the screens on these things are blurry, dim, and not very sexy when compared to a widescreen 4lb laptop with a DVD drive and an XBrite Screen. My next laptop is going to be a laptop. I've gone so far as to disable tabtip.exe from starting up on my machine. When I click the button near the start menu it comes up anyway.

Well yeah the M200 screen is blurry and dark, but what about all the tablets coming out with boe hydis screens,

Motion and Fujitsu, maybe Electrovaya

Even IBM has a pretty screen on their tablet.
Well I'll tell him the same thing I'm posting here. I have an Electrovaya SC-2000 and a Toshiba Satellite P35 (17" widescreen P4 3.2 ghz).

The Toshiba is awesome for development, but it's not very mobile. I'm considering trading in both the Scribbler and the Satellite for a Toshiba M205. Actually, maybe I should talk with him.......
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