Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Powerbook status

In the 3 or 4 weeks since receiving my LE1600 tablet pc, the only thing I have used my Powerbook for is:

1) iTunes

2) photo work

3) Flash programming

I could theoretically do all of the above on the my tablet, but I find the Mac to handle Flash MX 2004 much better than Windows. Its’ good for me to have that backup computer to test my websites against for Safari compatability; but for right now, its’ serving as a backup system, and multi-media workhorse.

My overall disappointment with the PowerBook has been Virtual PC. I installed Windows XP on it, 2GB of RAM, and it was a dog. You can only dedicate 512mb of ram to it. I could not rely on using Virtual PC for any of my windows work. It was that bad. Now, I’ve heard that Windows 2000 was much faster and less of a resource hog, but I wanted XP on it – not 2000. If you are planning on buying a mac and using Virtual PC for your windows work – take some advice and get pc for that work instead. 

I'm sure VPC runs slow on the Mac for the same reason BillG used to chant "DOS isn't done until Lotus doesn't run!!"


Good news is it might just run faster on the intelMacs. One can hope but then again, MS might just...update it so it doesn't. But I'm sure we will be able to dual boot both OS's on the same Mac hardware!
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