Monday, July 25, 2005 Microsoft Blog: Windows 'Vee-sta'? Microsoft Blog: Windows 'Vee-sta'?

Thought this was pretty good. From Todd Bishop:

In online forums and on at least one Microsoft employee blog, there's some suggestion that the company may be pronouncing the new Windows Vista name as "vee-stah" instead of the more traditional "vis-tah." I don't have any official word on this, but going with the more unusual "vee-stah" would seem extremely awkward, and in my conversations with Microsoft people about the new name, everyone has used the normal "vis-tah" pronounciation.
Meanwhile, on a related subject, one of the Inside Microsoft bloggers jokes that the company should start referring to the control-alt-delete combination -- used for terminating frozen programs, among other things -- by the term hasta la vista. Or would that be hasta la vee-sta?

vee-sta is the correct Spanish pronunciation so that may be what's behind it.
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