Sunday, August 21, 2005


Blog:: Craig Pringle - Review of Motion LS800

Great review by Craig Pringle.

This is a really great device. What truely excites me about the LS800 is not the device itself - as good as it is - but what it foretells. Several of the limitations of the LS800 will be addressed by technologies that are just over the horizon. For example solid state disks will reduce the heat output and extend battery life. Smaller EVDO or USMT chipsets will be embedded in the hardware, eliminating the need for a PC Card slot.

Blog:: Craig Pringle - Review of Motion LS800


I have a question for the community and I would like your help. My department chair has asked me to come up with reasons an instructor might benefit from wireless technology in the classroom. This is a precursor to paying for it out of departmental funds. It is a good question and one that I would like help in answering. Do you have ideas, or could you post the question to your blog readers?
absolutely. I'll post the question.

I'd also suggest posting this on in the general discussion area.
thanks again for the help, rob. i'm going to post my brainstorming ideas on my blog:
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