Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Choosing a convertible tablet

There are some interesting threads on http://www.tabletpcbuzz.com/ about convertibles and slates, and a great post by Craig Pringle about where convertibles and slates lie on the spectrum of mobility.

I’ve been reading a lot about the Thinkpads and their lack of features, especially with the docking station. Considering the target market for the Thinkpads, the price premium shouldn’t matter; however, I’m starting see a trend where people are doing a double take and saying “you know, that TC4200 is a pretty nice machine – and I can get it now – and its’ cheaper.” The Thinkpad is thin and has a great keyboard, but is it worth a drop in 273 mhz, harddrive speed, and a price premium of almost $400? Depends on how much you really want that thinness and nice keyboard.

Choosing the right convertible tablet will always be a balance between weight, performance, and price. In my opinion, HP’s TC4200 does the best job of hitting that sweet spot. If I were tempted to get a convertible today, I’d choose the TC4200 above all the other models available. It offers the most performance for the money and is a great tablet at that. When I demoed it at Windows Anywhere earlier this year, I was very impressed with it.

Hat tip to Warner for the Craig Pringle link.

Thanks as always for the link love. Some great observations you've made there.
I have a weird problem - ever since subscribing to your blog I've had this weird bug both in FeedDemon and Newsgator.

Every feed after yours (in my list) is in italics.

Any idea?
That's pretty weird. I just checked my newsgator list and everything is coming through fine.

Can you try unsubscribing and then resubscribing?

Also try deleting some of the older posts. It could have some broken html code in there somewhere.
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