Saturday, August 27, 2005


Convertible keyboard woes...

I reported several weeks ago that my convertible keyboad hinge had broken. Through working with their Motion’s fine technical support engineers, they sent me a replacement even though many of their keyboards have been back ordered.

Through several conversations with them, I’ve learned that there is a pin in the hinge that is designed to break before the stubs that connect inside the tablet break the tablet itself.

Well, it happened again….this time with a keyboard only a couple of weeks old. This one will be going back this coming week.

BTW: the heat of the tablet has caused the rubber on the pen to expand, much like the TC1000 and early TC1100 pens. Tech support sent me a replacement for that pen as well.

What are you doing that you keep breaking your keyboard? :)

Seriously though, I've been using mine everywhere and anywhere and haven't had anything except an occasional pop.
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