Friday, August 26, 2005


Eric Mack On-Line : Toshiba, how could you do this to me?

Eric Mack is not a happy camper right now – and rightly so. Check out his blog for how OEM’s are leaving folks stranded with only recovery CD’s. I quickly took a look at my Motion software and found the same problem: only a recovery cd:

Shame on you Toshiba. You left me out in the cold, with nothing to write on but my pen and paper.

To my readers: The key take-away from this post is to make sure that you have "Original Setup CD-Rom" for your computer, not just the product recovery CDs.

... If The Microsoft OS wants the original disk to do a proper file repair, then that's what I expect to be provided by the vendor. An excuse about OEM licenses won't cut it.

Eric Mack On-Line -

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