Saturday, August 27, 2005


God has still been good to Maggie

The bottom fell out this past week, beginning on Sunday night. By Thursday, Maggie’s seizures were back with a vengeance.

We met with Maggie’s neurologist on Friday and meet with her surgeon early next week to determine was has happened.

Prior to surgery, the surgeon told us that there is a chance that her seizures could also be coming from the scar tissue and this could be a “first effort” at stopping them. He thought that it would be remote, but still a possibility. The last word we received was that removing the scar tissue was not an option due to the risk involved. As has been the case from the beginning, Maggie continues to always been the rare exception.

The disappointment that we all and Maggie have felt this past week cannot be understated. We had no choice but to become vulnerable and believe that this surgery had done its’ job completely. For Maggie to get a 2 week glimpse at normality and then yanked away, just breaks this father’s heart.

But God has still been good to Maggie. For some reason, it pleases God for Maggie and our family  to continue along this path. We have to continue to believe that God will heal Maggie and is using this for His Glory. Our challenge as we move into year 3 of this battle is to continue to be the best advocate we can for Maggie and learn to live and thrive in the midst of this.



If a small part of your heartache and disappoint can be shared, then I'm sharing it with you. I'm very sorry for this turn of events and I continue to wish you and your beautiful daughter the best.

This is so hard and so frustrating Rob. My prayers are with you and your family.

I started following your blog because of the tablet pc, but wanted to let you know that you and your family are in my thoughts each day for what you're going through. I cannot begin to imagine the heartache, but I do agree there seems to be a greater plan. Maggie is lucky to have a family like yours that cares for her so much. Best wishes...
That you all for your wonderful encouragement
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