Tuesday, August 16, 2005


hibernate bug - when will it get fixed?

Ok Microsoft, I’ve got one for you. Scoble?

There is a bug that develops when computers get above 1gb of RAM that causes big problems with hibernating. 9 times out of 10, an error will be displayed when attempting to hibernate that says “Insufficient System Resources Exist to complete the API”.

Supposedly this was fixed for pre-sp2, but the problem still exists for service pack 2 users and the patch only works on pre-sp2 machines. This is a major pain in the rear end because when you think that you’ve actually hibernated, the system is still on and consequently eats up your battery. Having hibernate set to go off after stand-by won’t work either because the error will appear thus stopping the system from going from standby into hibernate.

What makes it worse is that the system then turns hibernation off.

To me, this is a bigger issue then the so called memory leak problem. Since upgrading my memory to 1.5gb, I’ve essentially had to give up hibernation and stick with stand-by. Here are a few other folks talking about this problem. Hilton, who can you get to escalate this for resolution? I know this isn’t tablet pc specific, but it affects all mobile users with more than 1gb of memory.

I’m going to call MSFT and get a trouble ticket started on this, but surely this is on the radar somewhere. I’d just like to know when its’ going to get fixed.

Josh Einstein


Another Buzz thread

A fairly good discussion of this problem is ongoing here:

I'm so surprised there's not more discussion about this problem. I recently upgraded my x41's ram to 1.5gb, and have completely lost my ability to hibernate.

I've see a few ideas about fixing it, but they seem to be for users who do not run a lot of memory intensive programs, and involve stopping programs before hibernating - which IMO is not a solution, it's a work-around.

Either way, have you had any new luck tracking down this issue on your system?
I do know that its' a known issue at Microsoft and it has the proper attention.

I'm not aware of an anticipated date yet, though.
Well, I guess it's a good thing that I have two batteries, because standby has become my friend. Thanks for the insight.
Hey hopefully this helps.
The above link is to RapidShare where you can get the hotfix for your problem. Otherwise as far as I know you will have to pay through microsoft support to get it. I couldn't wait any longer and I'm not positive on the rules for downloading the hotfix but as long as windows is a valid copy i just said screw it.

I had the same problem and one of the blogs I was on had pretty much narrowed it down from just about any version of XP (unsure if pro or home) with more than a gig of ram. It didn't matter about trying to free ram up or anything like that it just wasn't registering with windows to complete the task or "API". Anyway I hope this helps. I used it for a week and it hasn't failed yet.

***you should get three files that will unpack from the download. I believe the one that does NOT have SP1 ro SP2 in the file name is the one that worked. The other two gave some sort of error message.***
Sorry I guess I should have told you the hotfix name is kb909095 it's easy to search and find on microsoft.
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