Sunday, August 07, 2005


Maggie's surgery

Maggie’s surgery went very well. Her right temporal lobe was removed on Friday. She has been in ICU since Friday afternoon. She is mainly feeling pain from her eye (swollen shut) and from the incision ( the right side of her head). We won’t know the success with her seizures for another week or so, but neurologically she is doing very well – a huge relief.

I really appreciate the wonderful support many of you have expressed via email.

I’m posting daily updates on Maggie’s website at

It is with great relief that I read this update, Rob. While you still have a long road ahead this is wonderful news and I know Maggie will be doing well very, very soon. All the best to Maggie and her wonderful family.
Lots of love, prayers, thoughts and good wishes to Maggie, you, and your wife.
Great news Rob. Prayers continue.
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