Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Nicole: My first steps with Onenote

Talk about some bad out of the box experiences. The folks on the msft Tablet PCand Onenote Team need to read this blog. Thanks to Marc for the link.

Summary: Little things count. If you make a time limited test version, don't piss me of by demanding a direct internet registration to unlock the beta! Things like this will just speed up the process of me joining the lines of Open Source development - even on my beloved applications.

My first steps with Onenote

This is interesting Rob. I know when I first tried OneNote (the trial) it wanted me to "activate" but here at work, I am behind a proxy that requires authentication. The activation routine couldn't get across the firewall and there was no where to enter the proxy information (you know, most apps provide an options form for one to provide this info). So I called the activation 800 number and the service rep couldn't activate me either. He needed a number off the "about" screen. Since this was trial software, there was no such number. So... I couldn't activate via phone and couldn't activate via the web and therefore could not use the trial. I finally E-mailed Chris Pratley and he provided a workaround (he told me to just download the SP1 beta and I'd be good to go for at least 60 days) and said he'd be forwarding the issue to the responsible parties withing MSFT. Of course my other option would have been to take the laptop home and just activate there. These are pretty simple usability issues that one should think about when releasing product - especially things like expecting a proxied firewall in a corporate environment and coding for it. Thanks for the post. Hopefully this will get some attention.
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