Friday, August 26, 2005


Playing with a TC4200 Tablet PC

I picked up a used TC4200 Tablet PC off of Ebay to play with on behalf of a customer. It is really nice. Still getting the feel of it, etc.

After using it for about 5 hours yesterday and playing with it while watching 24, I’m left with the following impression: although it is a well equiped tablet (1.86ghz, 100gb harddrive, bluetooth) and having the keyboard readily available at the flip of the screen was very nice, I felt like when I switched over to using my LE1600, I was working with a whole different animal – a whole different breed of species.

I was also reminded that I will never buy another tablet pc without an extended battery. I don’t have the battery slice for the TC4200 yet, but there is a big difference 2.5 hours and 5.5 hours of battery life.The difference is not just with time, its’ with having to remember to bring the ac adapter along whenever you go mobile.

I’ll still recommend the TC4200 to my customer because of their heavy reliance on a keyboard, but its’ further proof to me that I picked the right tablet pc for how I work. I’ll likely sell the TC4200 on the Buzz and then pickup the Thinkpad to test against as well.


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