Thursday, August 25, 2005


The Student Tablet PC: Why I'm Now a Toshiba Owner

Tracy writes a good article on why she went from convertible to slate and back to convertible. For those doing usability studies, this is a good read. For those considering a purchase, its’ definitely a resource to check out.

Some of you may know from my post on TabletPCBuzz that I ordered a Toshiba Portege M200 and I will be selling my M1300VA as soon as it gets here and I get settled in (again...). I have a couple reasons, and I thought I'd share so others who are having trouble deciding can maybe figure it out.
(I was just going to make this strictly slate v. convertible, but I'll also add in why I chose the M200).
1. I type a LOT.
2. Over 90% of typing is done not at a table or desk.
3. I want that "normality" option.
4. Touch typing is not great on abnormal keyboards.
5. Not everyone is comfy with the TIP.
6. Wide angle viewing.
7. More bang for your buck.
8. Now, why the M200, exactly?

The Student Tablet PC: Why I'm Now a Toshiba Owner

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