Saturday, August 20, 2005 Contest

As posted by John Hill:

Spencer and I talked about a contest to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the rebirth of TabletPCBuzz. He’s been too busy to iron out the details, so I’m going to post here before this momentous occasion passes.

If you haven’t read the history of the Buzz, you can do so here:

Some of my posts have railed against the notion that the tablet is a “niche” product. With the many uses that Buzz members have found for their PCs, I hope you agree. The first contest is an essay (sound of groaning). Tell us, in 250 words or less, how you use your tablet PC for work, school or personal use.

Oh yeah, what’s a contest without prizes? In each of the two categories, first, second and third place will be awarded.

1st prize: Crucial 2Gb memory stick
2nd prize: Crucial 1Gb memory stick
3rd prize: Crucial 512Mb memory stick

Tablet PC - Forum

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