Thursday, August 11, 2005


Tc1100 official response

Here is a response from Ben Thacker, Manager of the Specialized Products and Options Group at HP that I just recived today on the status of the TC1100

The HP TC1100 is available for purchase through 2005.  It is being discontinued on 12/31/05.  It has been a very successful form-factor for HP and we are pleased with its long-lived results.  It has allowed HP to reach #1 in market share during the early stages of tablet pc technology.  This discontinuation will be like any other HP notebook product.  Obviously, all HP TC1100 owned products under warranty will continue to be supported by HP.  For those outside of warranty, HP’s normal process is to carry parts for years after the discontinuation.  Our investment into tablet pc’s continues stronger than ever.  Our TC4200 is selling very well and offers mainstream performance, best-in-class battery life, and value.  We’re excited about our future products that will include tablet functionality.

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