Friday, August 26, 2005


TC4200 for sale

I purchased a TC4200 off of Ebay to evaluate for a customer. Its’ a great machine and in excellent shape, I just don’t have a need for an extra tablet right now. No scratches, etc. I haven’t tested out a Thinkpad tablet, but in many respects this tablet pc is a much better tablet and higher speced for the money. If I needed a convertible today, the TC4200 would be #1 on my list.


TC4200 1.86ghz
512mb RAM
100GB harddrive
802.11bg Intel
Pen and nibs and tether
Excellent condition
3 year warranty (to April 2008)

$1500 + $35 shipping / handling / insurance

email me at rob at zoeinc dot com if you are interested.

If you want an optical drive how do you add one with the TC4200? I would assume there is a docking station? I called HP, but there answer has me a bit confused. Do you have a link that i can look at to see what this "docking station" looks like?
I have TC4200 and You can use any external CD (personally I tested it with an USB non-HP drive and it worked perfectly, no problem with booting from it either). Hp has something called the multibay, but generally if You just want to use a CD any will do.
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