Friday, September 30, 2005


Are you ready for a God Moment?

One of the readers of my blog ( )  is at the same neurology conference that Maggie’s doctor’s from St. Louis Children’s Hospital are at. They got to talking about Maggie and my reader gave them my blog address. The neurologist who will be over Maggie’s case started reading the updates on how bad things have been this week and sent me an email late last night. He was very concerned about what he was reading and how things were getting worse. We talked this morning and they have arranged for Maggie to be admitted to St. Louis Children’s Hospital this Monday morning instead of next Monday.


We will either be flying out on Saturday or Sunday.


Don’t ever doubt the Goodness of God, His Mercies, and His never-ending love for you! He has answered  our prayers from some of the darkest moments this week and He is providing at the very moment we needed to hear from Him.

God will use whatever means necessary to show his glory and grace, even blogs.

I will be praying for you all.
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