Saturday, September 24, 2005


bestkungfu weblog � My Tablet PC coming-out story

I love these kind of blog entries – people who use the Macintosh and switch to the tablet pc – it really shows that Apple needs to seriously launch that iTablet that is constantly being talked about.

Those of you who saw me at the Podcast Hotel yesterday may have noticed something different. Hopefully it wasn’t the thinning hair, but rather the little piece of technology I was scribbling furiously into during the session.
Yes, I’m Matt May, and for the last six days I’ve been a Tablet PC user.

Here was my oh-my-god moment with the tablet: I had to send a form off to a client the other day, so I took the fax I received in PDF format from my fax-to-email gateway, opened it up in PDF Annotator, wrote my information directly onto the form, saved it, and sent it back. Without the tablet, that process goes print, scribble, scan, email, or print, scribble, walk to Kinko’s. That was so sweet. I really can’t wait to do some design work directly to the screen. It’s that much fun.

I really loved this part. I have to agree. The M200 is walking billboard. I remove basically everything except the stickers on the back when I buy a new system.

(Sidebar: the M200 is excessively stickerized. When I took it out of the box, it had stickers for: where to buy accessories; where to buy support; Windows XP; Centrino; nVidia G-Force FX; Wacom; EnergyStar; the XP license key; wireless MAC address; Ethernet MAC address; a Chinese QA approval; two for standards compliance; a battery-recycling warning; an excessive heat warning; two to denote that it’s reconditioned; one that shows the specs; and one warning me not to turn the display in the wrong direction. Too much noise. I’m stripping them one by one.)

Thanks for the link, Warner.

The tablet experience is amazing...for a couple days. Then the annoyances set it. Good luck.
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