Tuesday, September 20, 2005


buzznovation: ActiveWords InkPad for the Tablet PC

ActiveWords InkPad 1.5 is now available! I’ve been beta testing this for quite some time and I really cannot imagine not using the combination of ActiveWords and InkPad on my Tablet PC. The two go to together so well. InkPad 1.5 is free to enterprise and plus users of ActiveWords.

Here is a good tip for you: use the inkpad undocked and move it to the top of your menu bar. Use the handles to resize the inkpad icon. I have mine set to activative on tap, not hover. The hover mode is too distracting.

Congratulations to Buzz and good luck on Demo! From Buzz’s blog:

buzznovation: ActiveWords InkPad for the Tablet PC

So, no more stealthmode as they say! We are rolling out the newest piece of ActiveWords technology this week.
This press release lets the world know what we have been working on!
I am on stage tomorrow at Demo, hopefully will dazzle everyone. But the Inkpad rocks, and changes forever how you use a tablet.
If you want to try it, let me know!

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