Monday, September 26, 2005


Eric Mack on notetaking

Eric is looking for an interesting note taking application – or a possible integration into either OneNote or GoBinder. I think he has some interesting requirements. I’ve got a couple of developers in mind who might be able to accomplish this. What do you think?

Eric Mack On-Line -

I'm looking for an application that will allow me to highlight, organize, and retrieve specific selections of text - based not on what I write, but on what I highlight.

Many note-taking programs for the Tablet PC, such as OneNote or GoBinder, will allow me to highlight text in a variety of colors. Acrobat even allows this, though with a limited interface. I want to do more ... It's the retrieval part that is most important to me. I want to search and retrieve, not by text, but by the color of what I've highlighted.

The feature that I've been unable to find (or have missed) so far is the ability to ask the note-taking software to organize or show me all of my blue highlights or all of my yellow highlights.

In summary, I want the ability to:

With the education pack from Microsoft, you may use a great function with OneNote. From any document that may be printed to a printer you may instead print to OneNote. This sends your document into OneNote for you to write and highlight on to your hearts content. This has been a great utility for me.
You are correct that OneNote will not allow users to search based on pen type, however it will allow you to insert note flags that are searchable.
Keep your eyes on the next version of onenote as well as it is going to offer some extreme search capabilities. It is going to include optical recognition to review contents of scanned or pasted data and be able to retrieve through fast index searches. We'll be able to find recordings we've made through searches as well.
Although there is always room for improvement, what we can (and will be able to) do with onenote is phenominal!
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