Monday, September 12, 2005


Getting Started Young

Love this post from the 'Buzz. Kids and tablets go so well together.

Getting Started Young: "
I had the most surprising experience yesterday. I was at a family get-together when my sisters and I started an ad hoc planning session on a pending legal action. Of course I took my tablet from the car to use for notetaking and web research.

As we were breaking up I noticed that my 4 year old niece was getting bored with all the adult activity. So, rather than pack up the tablet, I loaded the Ink Art tool from the MS experience pack, and gave Baylee a Once through in how to select tools, colors etc. and let her have at it.

She took to it like a fish to water, producing picture after picture (typical 4 year old drawings-I'm not trying to portray her as an artistic prodigy) Stopping only once to ash why the paintbrush kept running out.

I know for a fact that was the first time she had ever seen a tablet, and all she hod seen me do earlier is write in One Note. I am still surprised at how intuitive she found the tablet to be. I know sheens eye I it, her last words to me that day were "Uncle Steve, next time you come over bring your toy."
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