Thursday, September 08, 2005


LE1600 Update

I’m still feeling like the LE1600 was a great purchase – with one exception – the convertible keyboard.

I’ve been through two keyboards with the pin in the hinge breaking on each one. I’ve heard of other reports where the keyboard is coming with the hinge not working correctly, but gets corrected when they call tech support.

While I’ve been waiting on my third keyboard, I’ve learned how reliant I am upon it when not at my desk. I do a lot of programming at night while either in a recliner or in bed. Without that convertible keyboard, I’m hosed. There is no way I could function with a slate only tablet if I didn’t have that convertible keyboard. The stowaway keyboard is nice, but without something flat to lay it on and without easy access to the number keys, it is really handicapping.

Which drives me to my main point: If I can’t get this convertible keyboard stabilized without any further breakages, I’m going to have to consider selling this whole setup for a convertible tablet. Motion’s tech support has been fabulous and I want to do my part with helping them get through this, but I gotta have a reliable full-size keyboard when I’m away from my desk.

As far as the tablet itself, I’ve never been happier.



That's exactly how I felt about my slate. I love the slate form, but I can't go without a good convertible keyboard.

I wish someone would make an attachable keyboard which was as sturdy and functional as a laptop keyboard. I don't even care if it's bigger or heavier then the current ones, I just want something reliable.
I agree with all points 100%.

Doesn't the HP have the type of keyboard Tracy is asking about?
HP doesn't have a decent removable keyboard on the TC 1100, I don't think anyone does. That's why I'm switching to the TC 420O.
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