Saturday, September 24, 2005


Owen Braun: OneNote 12

Here is another OneNote team member blog to read regularly: Owen Braun. He’s got screen shots, too! As the OneNote team slowly leaks out the feature set, its’ looking like a must-have app for notetakers, especially the tablet pc notetakers among us.

Owen talks about the new multi-notebook feature of OneNote 12. That is a great new feature. Thanks for the link, Warner.

Here is a sneak peak of his next entry: Next up... linking related notes together.

ahh...linking related notes together. You are going to love it!

One interesting request we've heard with some frequency is support for multiple notebooks (instead of having just one big notebook with structure inside it). This turns out to be one of those requests which, when made of a normal person, causes them to give a normal response (i.e., “OK”), but when made of product designers who have been obsessing over the design for several years, causes them to ask alarming questions about What You Are Really Trying To Accomplish. Which we did for a little while, because we weren’t sure whether this was a functional thing (i.e., “I can’t do X because I need feature Y”) or a concept thing (“I can do X but OneNote’s way is weird”). If you squinted, top-level folders within your notebook were similar to having multiple notebooks. And if we added support for multiple notebooks, would they in turn be contained inside some other new, top-level thing that you took with you? (What do you call a group of notebooks, anyway? "Shelf" or "Filing Cabinet" might be the obvious choices, but I'm sort of partial to "squadron", a word which, based on its sheer oddness, deserves greater usage outside military contexts IMO.)

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